Who is Ammar Abdi?

Ammar Abdi is a Graphic Designer, He is best known as the chief executive officer of Antim Vikalp News and Founder of Abdi Production.

Early Life And Career

Ammar Abdi was born on 1st January, 2001, in SaharanpurUttar Pradesh. In 2014, Ammar started to experiment with graphic design and found himself immersed in the Graphic Designing, And he started his own graphic design company Abdi Production on 1st July 2014, After all in 2017 Ammar Abdi joined Antim Vikalp News As CEO Appointed By Mr. Anurag Saxena And in 2018, he started working As A national in-charge IT cell of All India anti Corruption Anti crime cell (NGO) and Ammar Abdi accepted that Offer as well. Recently Ammar is working on a Setup of a Worldwide company Vector arts.

150 Project Completed
6 Years of Experience
2 Award Win

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